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05th Oct 2017

An unusual wedding dress aired on last night’s ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’

Cathy Donohue

'Don't Tell The Bride'

Can you actually imagine?

Don’t Tell The Bride has produced lots of unusual weddings but this latest one takes the biscuit, as Yiannis and Yasmin’s nuptials featured a Beauty and the Beast theme, complete with costumes.

The groom bought a gown for his wife-to-be from a discount shop and when she saw the yellow dress, similar to Disney character Belle’s gown, she was majorly upset.

You’re probably getting the picture at this point but wait there’s more, as Yiannis hired an “angry mob” to run after his bride on her way to the aisle, in keeping with the furious crowd in the fairytale.


On first glance, Yasmin described the dress as ‘disgusting’ but she did go ahead with it and in the end, the wedding went off without a hitch…complete with Yiannis wearing a full-on ‘Beast’ costume complete with claws.


Yasmin’s mum didn’t seem too impressed either and couldn’t understand why her future son-in-law would opt for a yellow dress on her daughter’s wedding day.

The reaction to the programme was interesting with people taking to Twitter to share their views on the couple’s wedding.