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27th Oct 2019

Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh will take over from Mary Kennedy on Nationwide

Olivia Hayes

It’s official.

Three months ago, Mary Kennedy announced that she was leaving RTÉ after more than 40 years working at the station.

The presenter turned 65-years-old in September and told the RTÉ Guide that she would be leaving after that.

As Mary has fronted the channel’s popular lifestyle show Nationwide for many years now, a big question mark hung on who would be replacing her.

Well, it has just been announced that Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh will now be the new front of the series, with her filling in the role from January 2020.

Mary Kennedy is 'officially' leaving RTÉ after 40 years

The Sunday Independent confirmed today that Mary will be passing the torch onto Bláthnaid after 15 years.

When the news was first announced of Mary’s departure, she said: “I’d love to stay but it’s up to RTÉ if I go or not,” she explained. “All I can say is that I love what I do and I would love it to continue.”

She recently told RSVP Magazine: “Everybody has to think about it [retirement]. I haven’t fully thought about it though because I love Nationwide and meeting people.

“The show provides a really important vehicle for the sense of community we have in the country. People helping each other and staying in touch is not something you get around the world, it is quite unique to Irish people.”