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23rd Sep 2017

One Coronation Street character is about to find out he has HIV

Producers have already been in touch with a UK-based charity.

Jade Hayden

Coronation Street is going to introduce a HIV storyline this autumn.

The soap has been working very closely with UK-based charity the Terrance Higgins Trust around the story to ensure that they accurately represent patients with the virus.

The Sun reports that Seb Franklin will discover that he has HIV.

The storyline will follow Seb as he comes to terms with being diagnosed with the virus, and how he goes about telling girlfriend, Faye.


Sources from the show have said that Corrie producers will not be presenting a negative portrayal of HIV, which is why they have consulted a charity.

However, producers are not going to “sugarcoat” the virus either.

Coronation Street have never been afraid of tackling taboo subjects and this is not different.

Seb’s storyline isn’t going to see him go on a huge ‘journey’ and be drawn over months and years but the initial scenes are sure to be shocking.

The episodes, which will air next month, will show realistic attitudes both positive and negative to HIV. Producers aren’t going to sugarcoat it, but they also want to show that life doesn’t end with a diagnosis.”

HIV rates in Ireland have been rising steadily since 2011, with 500 new cases being diagnosed last year.

However, improving treatments mean that those living with the virus can now live up until they are 76-years-old.

Seb will find out he has HIV in an upcoming episode of Coronation Street this October.