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19th Sep 2017

Corrie star reveals what’s next after Eva and Aidan’s wedding drama

It's all kicking off on Coronation Street.

Keeley Ryan

It’s all kicking off in Coronation Street.

Catherine Tyldesley has said fans’ opinion of her Coronation Street character Eva Price may change after the latest wedding day drama.

Monday night’s big wedding double-bill saw Maria storm up the aisle as Eva and Aidan were getting ready to tie the knot – and expose the bride’s pregnancy lie.

Maria had printed off and placed Eva’s fake baby scan, taken from the internet, under the chairs of all the guests.

Aidan, who had earlier owned up to his fiancée about the affair with Maria, was left devastated by the revelation.

And Catherine told how she “loved every second” of filming the explosive scenes, as she revealed things are going to get even worse. 

She told Lorraine: 

“I loved it. As soon as I got the script, each page I turned, I was like, ‘Oh no!’

“It was fantastic. It was intense but I loved every second.”

The actress admitted Aidan’s confession was a “complete game changer” for Eva, as she opened up about her character.

She said:

“Eva doesn’t think about consequences. She never has done. Once she has something in her mind, she just goes for it.

“This week on Corrie is a complete game changer. Eva loves Aidan. Even when she hated him, she loved him.”

The 34 year old soap star teased “fountains and great heights” were involved as she dropped hints at what could happen next.

She added:

“It was good fun to film.

“For about two-and-a-half hours we were in that fountain filming!

“But they heated the water so it was like filming in a Jacuzzi.

“I can’t thank the Corrie team enough – the writers are just phenomenal.”

But as the drama continues to ramp up, things may not be so rosy for Eva – and Catherine thinks that it will change fans’ opinions of her.

She said:

“I think it’s been quite tough for Shayne [Ward]. A lot of people have been collaring him in the supermarket.

“Everyone is quite team Eva – but that might change. We’ll see.”

The wedding drama comes as the iconic soap is getting ready to move to six episodes a week.

And with plenty of new cast members joining the show, Catherine told how it’s a “really exciting time” on set.

She continued:

“The way that they’ve worked things, in terms of work load, it’s not changed things much for us.

“Which is great. There’s [also] going to be some new characters coming in – it’s just a really exciting time for everybody.”