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13th Jul 2019

Corrie’s Gary to make massive confession about Underworld roof collapse next week

Keeley Ryan

Coronation Street’s Gary Windass will confess his involvement in Rana Habeeb’s death next week.

ITV have shared a preview clip [via RTÉ] of the tense scene, which is due to air next Friday.

It sees Gary, who is wracked with guilt over what has happened, pacing in Imran’s office. As soon as the lawyer enters the room, Gary tells him: “You were right.”

Gary continues:

“You know, all this time I’ve just watched you and Kate going through hell and I’ve done nothing. I’ve said nothing.

“I have wanted to say something so many times. I have, I really have. But how could I, eh? How do you just admit something like that?”

Imran asks him if he’s saying “what I think you are,” to which Gary replies:

“I’m not going to lie anymore. Rana’s dead because of me.”

The builder was recently confirmed to be the cobbles’ new super villain, having been the person behind the Underworld factory roof collapse that led to Rana Habeeb’s death in March.

Although the rest of the Weatherfield residents don’t exactly know that yet – but seemingly, they will soon enough…

It comes as late last year, Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod a “long-range” super villain, as he confirmed one Weatherfield resident is set to be killed off as the Underworld factory explodes.

He explained that the factory collapse is going to appear as an accident at first, however the mystery will be “revealed to be a mystery and it’ll have been some kind of criminal enterprise that causes it all to fall down.”

MacLeod also explained that they are going to be different to some fully-blown baddies, like Pat Phelan or Richard Hillman, and that things are going to “rapidly snowball” for them in the new year.

He added:

“No one flicks a switch in this character’s head that makes them bad. It happens organically through desperation and through corruption of their original intentions.

“It’s about small choices that can force you into a role that you never saw for yourself.”

  • Coronation Street airs on Virgin Media One and ITV on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.