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09th Jul 2024

‘Widespread rodent infestation’ discovered at Dublin creche

Simon Kelly

Two dead mice were found at the Dublin creche

A creche in Dublin was slapped with a closure order last month due to ‘heavy and widespread rodent infestation’ on the premises.

The FSAI released their closure orders for June and in total there were five orders handed out to Irish businesses, including Giraffe Childcare in Elm Park, Merrion Road, Dublin 4.

It was found that the business was in breach of a number of food safety regulations due to the rodent infestation.

Evidence of the infestation included two dead mice carcasses under a sink unit in the children’s dining room and in a children’s toilet.

Dublin creche issued a closure order for ‘widespread rodent infestation’

Multiple rodent droppings were also found under a sink as well as on the floor of the children’s dining room where kids would eat.

It was noted that gnaw marks were found on some of the refuse bags on the premises.

The closure order reads that: “A grave and immediate danger to food safety exists in the food premises due to a heavy and widespread rodent infestation.”

As well as the crèche, four other businesses were issued with closure orders for the month of June.

These include Mercury Eastern European Food in Midleton, Cork; Chinese Gourmet Restaurant (Closed area: the use of the outdoor timber shed in the back yard of the restaurant for the storage/ handling of any open food or food contact materials) in Oldcastle, Meath; Board (Closed area: The Upper story of the building) on Clanbrassil Street Upper, Dublin; and Chrysanthemum café in Rathfarnham, Dublin.

Other reasons behind closure orders last month include flies walking on cooked chicken and a dead rodent under pallets on the shop floor.

Raw meat packaging used to store cooked chicken pieces, mould on walls and ceilings and the inability to establish traceability for frozen raw meat were also among the reasons for closure orders.