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28th Aug 2018

Looks like Emmerdale’s Lachlan story could be coming to an end

Jade Hayden


We’re as sick of Lachlan as you are.

He’s the worst, he’s too dramatic, this story has gone on far too long and we’re all far too aware of it – we know, like. We know.

Thankfully though, it looks as if the whole murdering teen thing is going to come to an end fairly soon due to what’s going to happen on the soap next.

In the coming weeks, Lachlan will get caught out by none other than his girlfriend, Bell Dingle.

And yeah, we forgot he even had a girlfriend too, tbh. Too busy killing folk to take her out for dinner, it would seem.

In scenes expected to air next week, Belle discovers a bloody jacket belonging to her brother, Sam. She then discovers where Sam is based on this jacket.

How? No idea. But it happens, so let’s just go with it.

When Belle eventually finds her brother’s extremely lifeless body, she is understandably quite shook. Not shook enough though that she can’t confront Lachlan about what’s been happening.

Things obviously do not go to plan though because at one stage, Belle wakes up on the road covered in blood, not entirely sure how she got there.

Grim enough.

It remains to be scene as to whether Lachlan will actually kill his girlfriend, but like, this is a soap so it’s hardly beyond the realm of possibility that he will.

Can’t wait.