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29th Nov 2023

TikTok users defend Amy Child’s decision to pierce her baby’s ears

Amy Childs

Amy Childs has divided opinions on TikTok after users spotted her seven-month-old daughter had her ears pierced.

She and Billy Delbosq welcomed their twins in April, a boy named Billy and a girl named Amelia (Milly).

‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star took to the video platform to discuss Milly’s teething and, instead, ended up receiving commentary about her daughter’s piercings.

The reality TV star says little Millie has become increasingly ‘clingy’ lately in a ‘Milly Update’ video.

“Milly was my… I wanna say ‘dream’ baby! Not anymore – she’s clingy, she is quite whingey.”

Turning to her daughter, Amy said: “And you love a cuddle, don’t you?

“She absolutely loves a cuddle. She now is rolling over and I think she’s gonna be the first one to crawl out of Billy and Milly.”

@amychilds1990 Milly Update 😍 #twinsoftiktok #twins #mumsoftiktok #mumlife #twinlife ♬ Never Grow Up – Taylor Swift

The social media personality went on to list the signs of teething Milly is exhibiting.

“She’s more advanced, however same again, she’s teething – really rosy cheeks, hand in her mouth, dribbling, crying.”

Many users went to the comment section to share their best teething advice and tips, others chose to focus on the fact Milly’s ears were pierced.

While some commentary around this choice was in disagreement, the majority of users agreed with the mum’s decision to pierce her baby’s ears early in life.

“I wish I’d got my daughters ears pierced as a baby. She’s 12 now and not allowed due to being on aspirin and she’s so angry she’s diff from friends,” one user shared.

“Everyone saying about her ears pierced I’m glad my mum got mine does as a baby because I’d of sh*t myself at 7,” another wrote.