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12th Aug 2022

An Emily in Paris themed reality show is in the works

Ellen Fitzpatrick

This sounds amazing.

A brand new reality show is coming to Hayu and it’s definitely gotten some inspiration from Emily in Paris.

The reality series is called Real Girlfriends in Paris and it’s set to air next month, following six young women as they take on everything Paris has to offer.

We’ll see the women as they navigate their careers, find love, and come across some awkward run-ins as they figure out where their lives are taking them.

Sounds like the plot of Emily in Paris, right?

Starting on Hayu on September 6th, the cast includes Anya Firestone, Emily Gorelik, Margaux Lignel, Kacey Margo, Adja Toure and Victoria Zito.

Anya is an artistic and bubbly person who is obsessed with France nad has previously spent years living in Paris with her fiance Mathieu.

With a master’s degree in French cultural studies, she gives tours of historical and cultural venue in Paris.

Really sticking to the theme, Emily holidayed in Paris while in college and never looked back. She is pursuing a job in luxury design management and has lived in Paris for two years.

Kacey is similar and also went Paris while in college, taking a temporary role as an English teacher in a French classroom. Bouncing between LA, New York and Paris has become tricky, however and her visa could cause issues.

Margaux grew up in NYC to French parents and has always been between the two cities, studying in the American School in Paris, FIT and the Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design.

Adja has a degree from Cornell and visited Paris as a child, itching to return as an adult. Considering a career move to the beauty industry, she’s doing just that in the city of lights.

Texas native Victoria has a passion for fashion and moved to Paris in 2017 to pursue it, working as the head designer at fashion brand Chloe Colette.

But her recent divorce is driving her to be more open to romance in the most romantic city in the world.