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07th Oct 2022

Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh is engaged

Ellen Fitzpatrick

So happy for the actress.

Kate Walsh has just made her return to Grey’s Anatomy and while that was the one thing fans of the show were talking about for months, she’s just given them some better gossip.

While speaking on an Instagram live with fellow actress Amy Brenneman to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their former show Private Practice, she let some big news slip.

Accidentally telling fans that she is now engaged to her boyfriend Andrew Nixon, she said as he entered the room: “Here comes the jungle cat that is my fiancé.”

As he smiled and waved to the camera, Amy said: “She just 100% outed your engagement.”

Realising exactly what she had done, she announced to her boyfriend: “I did. I just outed our engagement.”

Thankfully, Andrew didn’t seem to mind all that much and just laughed in response.

Many fans watching the live had already copped the news as Kate wasn’t being too careful when it came to showing off her ring during the chat.

Kate has kept her relationship with Andrew very private up until this point, with the two meeting on a cruise in 2020 and the first details of the relationship emerging in 2021.

Kate moved to Perth, Australia in 2020 and ended up being stuck there due to the pandemic.

“I didn’t really want to go back to New York in the middle of the Pandemic when it was pretty gnarly, to say the least,” she told The Daily Telegraph at the time. “I couldn’t go home initially, and now that I can do that I don’t fancy going back.”