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25th Sep 2023

Parenting expert labels Kate Middleton’s approach as ‘one of the best to follow’

A parenting expert has described Kate Middleton’s parenting style as ‘iconic’ and one that other mums and dads should follow.

Kirsty Ketley, a qualified early childhood practitioner and parenting consultant, says she has seen parenting styles change and evolve because of the influence of new TV nannies or high-profile parents.

One famous mum she has hailed as an icon in the parenting and early childhood world is Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales.

“Google can give you one of many suggestions on how best to parent, but one of the most common patterns in raising children is by parents following their own parents’ style and methods.

“In Kate’s case, she has a tight-knit family, and her childhood home was full of love,” Kirsty told The Mirror, and she alluded to several factors which make the royal mum a role model in family life.

Kate shares three children with Prince William: George, 10, Charlotte, 8, and Louis, 5.

According to the parenting expert, Kate’s approach to parenting includes the ‘sofa chat’ method used by the royal mum-of-three.

“The Princess has previously revealed that there is no shouting and yelling in their house and that they choose ‘time in’ when things escalate, with a ‘sofa chat.’

“The sofa chat and ‘time in’ means sitting with your child rather than putting them into solitary confinement, and talking through their behaviour once they are calmer. It helps children to regulate their emotions better and helps keeps their self-esteem intact.”

Kirsty explained that this method has many positive impacts and builds trust between the parent and the child.

“They are also more likely to come to you for help when the bigger things happen, rather than try and hide them from you, for fear of punishment.”

“Doing this when speaking to your little ones helps them to feel safe and listened to, as you’re giving them your full attention.”

The Princess has admitted, however, that she feels pressure to be the ‘best parent’ and often feels like she doesn’t live up to that ideal.

“The royal has not been shy about sharing the fact that she can find being a mother incredibly difficult, but that recognising it and embracing the idea of ‘winging it’ is vital to your mental health,” said Kirsty.