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23rd Sep 2023

Vogue Williams reveals her children are different religions

Vogue Williams has revealed that two of her children are Protestant and one is Catholic.

The mum-of-three opened up about her family during her appearance on the Late Late Show last night.

Vogue spoke to new Late Late Show host Patrick Kielty about having children with different religions.

Vogue explained that it was a total accident.

During a discussion about identity, Vogue revealed her children are different religions.

She told fellow guests James Nesbitt, Ciara Mageean, and Baz Ashmawy about her family.

“Two of my kids are Protestant and one is Catholic, which I actually didn’t know,” Vogue said.

Speaking about what happened, the podcast host said they’ve got a “mixed household”.

“My mother-in-law, she organised the first two christenings and I organised the last one, so, we’ve got a very mixed household.”

“I only found out when we were in the church for the last one and the priest held the baby up and said, ‘Welcome to the Catholic church’.

“Spenny looked at me, like, ‘What?’” she laughed.

Vogue shares three children with former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews.

The couple welcomed their son Theodore in 2018. They then welcomed a daughter named Gigi in 2020.

Their youngest child, a son named Otto, was born in 2022.