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23rd Sep 2023

Mum seeks advice to discourage her seven-year-old from swearing

When children use swear words, it’s either seen as hilarious, if it’s not your child, or absolutely horrifying if it is.

One mum is now stuck in a serious dilemma after she witnessed her seven-year-old daughter swearing while playing with her brother.

Describing the incident as a “real Christmas story moment”, the mum said that her older son turned the hose off as a way of messing with his sister when she let out the words: “what the f*ck?”

Stopping what she was doing, the mum explained to her daughter the severity of the word and why she shouldn’t be saying it.

She wrote on Reddit: “I said if you use it you will look really cool to other kids and all adults will turn there heads and drop there mouths, because it is a 8 on the bad word scale.”

The mum added that she never uses that type of language, and especially doesn’t do it around her children. She also said her child is home school and suspects she picked up the word from summer camp.

Asking for advice on what she should do about dealing with this situation, with fellow parents joining the conversation to offer their two cents.

One wrote: “You don’t make a big deal about it and casually say not to use that word. The bigger the deal and explanation you make of it, the more likely she thinks she’ll get a rise out of saying it again.”

Another said: “My son came up to me and my husband, and said, “I know which finger is the dirty finger.” I asked him to show me, and he put up his middle finger. I pretended to inspect his finger, and told him that I didn’t see any dirt on his finger. Surprisingly, it was no longer interested, after I looked at it.”