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23rd Sep 2023

Mum reveals she puts her son to bed in his school uniform

BY Joseph Loftus

A mum has sparked a debate online after admitting she puts her son to bed in his school uniform.

A children’s TV presenter has raised more than a few eyebrows after admitting she puts her son to bed in his school uniform.

TV and social media star, Ms Rachel, is a go to for many new parents – however her latest comments are causing a little bit of debate.

Taking to TikTok a few days ago, Ms Rachel explained that she dresses her five-year-old in his school uniform at bedtime so that he’s ready for the next day.

She said: “We put on a nice new shirt, sweatpants, super comfy, great for jammies.

“And then when he wakes up we just throw on sneakers.”

She went onto claim that “someday” she will “teach him to wake up for school and get dressed” adding “that will be a very good thing to teach” but “she can’t do that right now”.

She concluded: “And that’s okay. I’m doing my best and so are you.”

Many people praised Ms Rachel for her honesty.

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One wrote: “Ms Rachel being so relatable is extremely healing.” Another said: “I really just cried.”

However others weren’t so happy, with one saying: “Tell me something feels illegal but isn’t.”

Another wrote: “Nah Ms Rachel you wrong for this. A nice bath wakes you up.”

A third said: “I can’t even imagine this I’ll be honest. “In the UK we’re so ingrained in nightwear then day wear. I think cause of the weather.

“I think you should always teach your kids beforehand. Get them up a little bit earlier.”

Another said: “No no no no no.”

Ms Rachel referred to the backlash herself saying: “He bathes at night, he doesn’t get sweaty at night, if he did, we’d grab new clothes.

“Ps there’s been no issues with wrinkly clothes.”