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08th Sep 2023

Savvy mum shares how to organise school uniforms to save us all time and stress

Dealing with the school morning rush is not easy, but one mum has revealed a clever hack that is about to make things way easier for you.

If you feel a little unnerved at the thought of trying to root out uniforms and matching shirts, socks, and ties every morning, I have a feeling you might just love this mum’s easy idea.

In the ‘Lockdown Ideas’ Facebook group, a very savvy mum shared how she has set up a school uniform station – and needless to say, other mums were loving the idea.

The ‘school uniform station’ basically consists of five drawers for each day of the school week, in which the kids’ uniforms are stored so they know exactly what they need to wear on that day.

Some mums confessed they label each draw and some have a colour-coded system –the point is, this makes things super-easy for the kids – and it really doesn’t cost much to replicate.

Oh, and if you don’t have five sets of uniforms for each of your kids, just restock the station once you’ve washed Mondays and Tuesdays.