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01st Apr 2024

Husband admits to spying on his wife using the nanny-cam


How would you feel if your husband did this?

A man recently took to Reddit and admitted he was concerned about his wife’s behaviour, and whether or not she was ‘checking out’ when alone with the kids.

The parents recently had a nanny cam installed for when they hire a babysitter. They occasionally use them to keep an eye on the dogs when they’re out, but otherwise, they are to stay off.

However, one day the dad happened to log onto the app from his phone at work and he was surprised to see the live feed from the living room.

“In the feed, my wife was on her tablet with noise-cancelling headphones when the boys were playing kind of rough with each other… she was just ignoring it,” he said.

He then went back through the app and watched some of the recorded footage stored in the cloud and saw more of the same.

“Every time, she had her headphones on and was practically ignoring the kids.”

The man explained on Reddit how he initially was more concerned than angry

“She looked really checked out and that was absolutely unlike her,” he said.

However, when he told his wife about seeing her on the nanny cam, she was unsurprisingly not impressed with him.

“She got upset with me for looking through a week of videos… she said I should have told her and not watched, I told her I wanted to talk about how she was doing, what was up and she just shut down.”

The man explains that he still feels worried.

“It’s like a switch seems to flip when she’s alone with the kids versus when she knows someone is watching.

“She’s so attentive and present when we’re doing stuff as a family or with family friends around. But it looked like she was checked out when she thought nobody would see.”

How would you feel if your husband did this?