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02nd Apr 2024

‘My daughter’s nursery can’t help her and I feel so guilty’

Kat O'Connor

Finding the right nursery for your child is never easy

One mum has opened up about a difficult situation she is facing with her daughter’s nursery.

We all know that finding the right nursery for our children can be incredibly tricky, but once you find the right place then you feel a major weight lifted off your shoulders.

However, some parents may face difficulties when their children start attending nursery.

One mum understands that problem all too well after her daughter’s nursery admitted they are struggling to deal with her daughter because she cries so much.

She wrote on Mumsnet:

“I went to pick my daughter up from nursery today and her key worker practically threw her at me saying she’s been screaming all day and they have tried everything.”

The mum explained that this has been happening for some time. The workers said they’ve tried to help but they literally cannot stop her child from crying.

She said this has been happening since her little girl started nursery.

“I’m at a loss. She likes a lot of attention and being outside. I said this to the manager and she said we have playtimes but can’t be outside all day because of one child.

“They just say she cries and screams like in temper but they try everything and she won’t stop. I have said what about solutions and they have said they literally can’t do more than they have done.”

The mum has no choice but to put her daughter in a nursery because she’s a single parent and needs to work.

“I have other children who went to this nursery and were fine,” she added.

The mum continued: “Surely it’s their job to put up with crying children though? She has no issues or special needs apart from liking attention. She is almost two. I feel like I’m being unfair on the staff for inflicting her on them.”

Fellow parents said it might be better if she hires a childminder rather than sending her little one to a nursery.

Others sympathised with her situation: “Horrible to be made to feel your small child isn’t accepted as she is.”

“I honestly think this is a cue to move her to a different group. None of us want to admit our own child might be hard work and constantly demanding,” another said.

What would you do if you were this mum?