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06th Dec 2023

Paris Hilton admits she was ‘scared’ to change her firstborn baby’s diaper for two months

Paris Hilton

“Motherhood, you’ve got to get your hands a little bit dirty”

On a recent episode of ‘Paris in Love,’ heiress Paris Hilton revealed that she did not do nappy-changing duties until her firstborn was two months old.

The DJ shares two children with her husband, Carter Reum: a son named Phoenix, 10 months old, and a daughter named London, whom they welcomed last month.

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum. Credit: Getty

In her first few weeks as a new mum, there was one motherhood milestone that Paris admits she was ‘scared’ of doing.

In the third episode of season two, the socialite asks her sister, Nicky, “Should I learn how to change his diaper?”

“I said I wouldn’t do this on my birthday, but I will for you,” the mum-of-two continues. “Anything for Phoenix.”

“Okay, I’m scared,” she confesses as she sets her then-newborn baby down on a changing table.

“You’ve never done it?” Nicky asks, to which Paris says no.

Like any sister, Nicky does whatever she can to help her older sister learn the basics of changing a nappy, from how to locate the ‘front [and] back’ to making sure it isn’t fastened too tightly.

In a confessional, Nicky discusses the fact that Paris was never one to talk about having a baby, but that she needs to learn how to do the parts of motherhood that aren’t always glamorous.

“Motherhood, you’ve got to get your hands a little bit dirty,” she says while in a confessional.

In the premiere episode of season two of her reality show, the mum-of-two opened up about her decision to welcome her children via surrogacy.

“Surrogacy was a difficult decision to make,” she admitted.

“I would have loved that experience of growing the baby in your tummy and feeling the kicks and all of those exciting moments, but my life has just been so public.

“So even though the baby is biologically mine and Carter’s, we decided to have a surrogate carry him.”

Her husband shared the same sentiment, expressing the same concerns and desires for their children.

“Now having a family with Paris, we want our family to grow up and be normal and not always be known as Paris Hilton’s children,” Carter said.

“We have to think about safety,” he added. “When we go to the farmer’s market, it’s one thing if someone stops and asks Paris for a photo. It’s a whole other thing with the baby in tow in a stroller.”

“I don’t think we know everything the journey’s gonna throw at us, but we’re just gonna tackle it as we go.”