Ferne McCann figures out baby’s gender after suffering health problems in pregnancy 1 month ago

Ferne McCann figures out baby’s gender after suffering health problems in pregnancy

Ferne thinks it's a baby girl

Ferne McCann says she's worked out her unborn baby's gender after suffering a health issue in her pregnancy.

The Only Way Is Essex star and her fiance, Lori Haines had vowed not to find out their baby's gender until it's born.

However, that hasn't stopped Ferne from speculating and making guesses.

She's convinced she's "worked it out" and that she's having a baby girl.

She believes this because of the health issues she's had while being pregnant.

In the latest episode of First Time Mum, Ferne revealed she's been suffering from "migraines".

The 32-year-old mum-of-one, admitted she last suffered from the migraines when she was pregnant with her daughter.

Makes sense.



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Chatting to her fiance on the show, she said: "The one thing that I've had is migraines, and I just spoke to my mum on FaceTime saying I can't remember ever getting migraines before.

"But she said to me, 'No you definitely did with Sunday' which leads me to think we're having a girl."

Lori then joked and said: "A house full of women, I can't bloody wait."

Recently Ferne sparked speculation over the gender of her baby when she asked her followers to share some of their favourite baby boys' names.

She said: "We still do not have a boys' name, and I thought, shall I spend ten minutes before bed just having another browse.

"I have ditched the name website things and I am now looking at Instagram. We have got our girls' name, no boys' names.


"Lorri is bringing nothing to the table. Zilch. What did we say earlier? Aquarius? I quite like that. Do you?"

He answered: "No, it doesn't roll off the tongue, it's too long-winded."

She also opened up about a recent health scare on her Instagram.

She said: "Guys, panic over, thought that I was having a prolapse but it turns out it's just a swollen labia.

"All jokes aside, this time round with this pregnancy, there's just so much more pressure down below. I cannot remember it feeling like this with Sunday."

We cannot wait for the new arrival.

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