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01st Oct 2015

WATCH: Dutch Artist filmed his daughter every week for 14 years (yes, really)


This must be one of the most magical family time-lapse videos. Ever.

Daddy and Dutch artist, Frans Hoffmeester, filmed his firstborn girl, Lotte each week of her fourteen years on the planet. The beautiful video, a collection of ’15 seconds clips’, shows how her image developed, how her looks and personality changed, and what she looks like now.

This ongoing ‘Coming of Age’ project by Utrecht-based Frans, has seen him become an internet superstar. There are twenty-nine million hits on his ‘Portrait of Lotte’ and he has decided to continue to video his daughter into adulthood.

Have a look for yourself and tell us if it would inspire you to video your child in such a way:

Here are some of the comments Frans Hoffmeester and Lotte received about the creative process:


The amazed fan:



The loyal follower:



The making of memories:



The inspired viewer:



If you have any special moments of your child you’d like to share, email: