Gardaí investigating attempted abduction of 7-year-old boy 9 months ago

Gardaí investigating attempted abduction of 7-year-old boy

The incident happened on a quiet road in Ballyfermot.

Gardaí in Dublin have launched an investigation after the attempted abduction of a 7-year-old boy.

A family in Ballyfermot is shaken after a man tried to kidnap their son.

It is believed the young boy was playing out on the street when a man approached him.

The incident took place on a quiet street in Ballyfermot on Monday, May 16th.

Speaking about the horrifying ordeal, the boy's father said he keeps asking "if he's coming back".

The dad, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Star a man approached his child. It is believed they interacted for around 35 seconds before the man went back to his car and watched him for two more minutes.

“My son was running in and out of the front door playing and was sitting on the footpath outside our home when a car pulled up almost immediately,” the dad shared.


He explained that an "elderly man" got out of his car. He said he walked over to the boot and started talking to his son.

The man took a bottle out of the boot and asked the boy if he wanted "a sup of pop".

“My son just sat on the footpath and the man then asked what’s your name. When my son responded, the man told my son ‘My name is John the Leprechaun’”.

When the young boy alerted his dad, the man reportedly said, “You have a big mouth on you.”

Gardaí in Ballyfermot are currently investigating the incident.

The dad has warned parents to be extremely vigilant.