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16th Jan 2019

Harry Redknapp appeared on ‘Good Morning Britain’ and gave some insights on marriage

Amy Nolan

Harry Redknapp appeared on 'Good Morning Britain' and gave some insights on marriage

He has been married to his wife Sandra for 54-years.

Everyone fell in love with the absolute gentleman that was Harry Redknapp in I’m a Celebrity.

He absolutely stole the show and captured viewers hearts by talking about his wife Sandra. Even after he got out of the jungle, and before he was crowned King, he brought a tear to fans’ eyes while speaking about his wife.

Harry said a lot of sweet and insightful things about relationships when he was in the Australian jungle, but his recent comments on Good Morning Britain have sent fans into overdrive.


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Sandra and Harry have been married for an astounding 54 years, having met when they were just 17 and it’s been pretty smooth sailing by all accounts Harry told hosts, Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan:

“We’ve never ever ever looked like splitting up. If we have an argument it doesn’t last ten minutes. We don’t argue and carry it on for a couple of days. You couldn’t have a row with Sandra even if you tried.”

Harry also addressed why marriages these days often break up as Piers alluded to Jamie and Louise Redknapp’s divorce.


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“People are not compatible, it’s a problem”, he said. Harry continued, “We’ve never had that so I couldn’t be an expert on that.”

During I’m a Celeb, Harry told Fleur East and Sair Khan how he rings his wife up to ten times a day, and how Sandra is his life. When asked what the secret to his happy marriage is, Harry told his fellow campmates: “We just get on so well, I only want to be with her. I can never wait to see her.”