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04th Dec 2023

Tony Bellew’s wife reveals his sons have been voting for him to do Bushtucker trials on ‘I’m A Celeb’

Tony Bellew

There’s nothing like the bond between a father and his sons!

If you think your child might be trying to make your day more difficult, we think Tony Bellew has you beaten.

The former boxer is currently appearing on ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ and has taken part in numerous trials since he joined the camp.

However, some of the public voting for Tony to participate in these gorey and testing trials include his wife Rachael and two eldest sons, Corey, 18 and Cobey, 15.

Rachael shares four sons with the former boxer, including 11-year-old Carter and 3-year-old Carson, and has admitted that they are all glued to the reality survival show, telling The Mirror: “We’ve never watched any shows he’s done but we’re watching this. And the trials… I love watching him suffer!”

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The mum-of-four also revealed that Tony’s sons are also keen to see their dad suffer and vote for him at every opportunity – including the gut-wrenching drinking trial, which resulted in success for their dad, but also with throwing up.

This trial, however, left Rachael very impressed as her husband is usually a ‘very fussy eater’.

“He’s a very fussy eater and can’t take texture. It drives me insane. At least he now can’t say anything about me eating coleslaw, because he’s drunk a blended bull’s penis,” she added.

Tony Bellew
Credit: Getty

Rachael also says their entire family are ‘all very proud of him’, and are blown away at how well Tony, whose real name is Anthony, is doing in the jungle.

However, for any fear he has shown, his wife anticipates some ‘ribbing’ when he returns home (as expected with four young sons).

“Ant [Anthony] plays the macho man, but he’s a big softie. I bet he’s more scared than he looks in the trials. In the snake trial, you could tell he was petrified and I’m sure he’ll get a bit of ribbing for that when he gets out. But he’s not a quitter. 

“Joking aside, we’re all very proud of him.”