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17th Mar 2016

Husband Lucky To Be Alive After Epic Ring in Bin Blunder

Sophie White

Bernie Squitieri, a 51-year-old Missouri man, dodged death-by-enraged-wife after he THREW OUT her engagement ring worth $400,000.


He explained to ABC News that his wife had left the ring on a piece of kitchen paper on the counter, which he then snatched up in a hurry to add to the rubbish when he heard the approaching bin truck.

See what he’s trying to do there? He’s attempting to put the blame back on wife, Carla for poor ring storage.


Not cool Bernie. You threw nearly half a million dollars worth of bling in the bin. Own it.

Lucky for Bernie a bit of clever thinking (not something Bernie has displayed thus far in our story) lead to retrieving the ring.

(“Thank f*ck,” thinks Bernie.)

Bernie quickly alerted the Meridian Waste Services to stop the truck before it reached a landfill and the ring would be undoubtedly lost forever. Sanitation workers (presumably hating Bernie Squitieri more with every passing minute) grimly rolled up their sleeves.

After 25 minutes of searching through 10 tons of rubbish, hero operations manager Joe Evans found the ring.

“10 times out of 10, we don’t find something like that,” Evans told ABC News. “It was the best feeling in the world to find that ring and give it back.”

Bernie LIVES hooray.