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01st May 2015

“I looked like a Gremlin” Which supermodel had this to say about her baby photos?

Katie Mythen-Lynch

She’s now one of the world’s most famous models, but Cara Delavigne’s career path didn’t become clear until she was in her teens. 


These days the supermodel, 22, positively oozes self-assurance on the catwalk for designers including Chanel and Burberry, but claims she lacked confidence as a youngster:

“I never thought people would actually want me to be a model.” she said. “I was a very weird gremlin, awkward-looking child.”

cara 3

Speaking to The Sun, the model added:

“I was a feral kid, a big tomboy. Beauty wasn’t important at all and it still isn’t in a way.”

Cara regularly makes fun of herself on social media, posting adorable family photos to her Instagram account.

cara 2