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15th Sep 2017

Jennifer Zamparelli on why the next series of Bridget & Eamon is the best

The show will be hitting screens “very, very soon”

Keeley Ryan

Jennifer Zamparelli has revealed why she reckons the third series of Bridget & Eamon is the best one yet.

The comedy series, set in the 1980s in the Irish Midlands, stars Jennifer as housewife Bridget and 2fm’s Bernard O”Shea as her husband Eamon.

And the mum of one told us at the RTE new season launch that the show will be hitting screens “very, very soon” – and that it’s the best season yet.

She said to Her: 

“It’s exciting, it’s a really good season – probably the best one.

“I think the writing is better.

“I think we’re more used to the characters; we’re able to develop them more, bring the storylines on more.”

And there’s plenty of cameos coming when the RTÉ comedy returns for a third season.

She added:

“We’ve people like Deirdre O’Kane in it, Ciara O’Callaghan from Fair City.

“My husband gets half naked in it. I mean, what more could you ask for?”

The show went across the pond earlier this year when it landed on Amazon in the US.

And the comedy series proved to be a hit with fans from the moment it began airing – even with the need for subtitles.

Jennifer explained:

“It was insane [for it to get picked up].

“We really feel it’s the beginning of Bridget and Eamon because we really found that we found our feet with this one.

““But we’ve had some random people and agents contact us singing its praises and really, really love it.

“They’re on the lookout for quirky things and it’s very very different.

“Hopefully, if they want some more, we’ll keep going.”

The radio host, who announced earlier last week that she was expecting her second child, told how she was able to hide her pregnancy when it came time to film series three.

She added:

“It was really good timing, I was just pregnant enough that I was able to hide it. But there was a lot of very pregnant women on set.

“Concepta, my friend in it, she was like eight months [along].

“Laura O’Mahony, who is also in CCCahoots and is in the new series, she’s about to drop.

“I must’ve sat on the same toilet seat because there was a lot of pregnant women around me.”

Jennifer and her husband Lau welcomed their first child, a daughter named Florence, in March 2015.

But the 2fm host admitted she wasn’t too sure how Florence will feel about becoming a bit sister.

She explained:

“I don’t think she’s really grasped the whole thing, she thinks there’s a baby in her tummy.

“She’s not really a dolly girl – so I don’t know, it’ll be interesting.

“But I don’t think she’s really grasping that there’s going to be a baby in the house.

“I’m trying to get her ready for it, but it’s kind of hard to do.”