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09th Jan 2018

Lisa Riley shares her ‘go-to trick’ after losing 12 stone in 18 months

Cathy Donohue

Lisa Riley, a well-known TV personality, appeared on This Morning yesterday to discuss her new book, Lisa Riley’s Honesty Diet.

The former Emmerdale actress, who’s also well known for presenting You’ve Been Framed!, spoke to Holly Willoughby and Phlilip Schofield about how she lost twelve stone in 18 months.

During her appearance, Lisa explained her concept of an honesty diet and how this prompted her to think about how much food her body needs to function, which she worked out by keeping a food diary.

After losing weight, Lisa found she now had painful excess skin which she later had removed via surgery, a process which was documented in an ITV show.

Lisa said:

“Off the back of the documentary, the reason why the book happened was because the volume of questions then. ‘What do I do?’ ‘How can I do it?’ and I thought I’ve got to go to work, I cannot reply to all these people so I put it all in there [the book] and there’s all the answers for everyone”.

The conversation then turned to her diet where Holly asked what had changed and Lisa replied that she never has any “rubbish” now.

“I have my breakfast, I have my lunch and I have my evening meal and my massive, sort of go-to trick is never to eat after half six. I know there’s mums who have kids, back from school and everything but if you have your family support around you, they want to support you”.

The 41-year-old, whom many will remember as Mandy Dingle, said that this support will often see families changing their mealtimes as they’re so happy to see their loved ones doing so well.

Lisa also said that she doesn’t snack anymore which is something she used to do a lot of before and when she does it’s a ‘healthy’ snack, at the time of the interview there were two satsumas in her bag.

The Bury native, who’s given up alcohol and doesn’t smoke, also said that she hasn’t eaten pasta in nineteen months but that Pringles will forever be her weakness.

You can see the interview in full below.