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06th Mar 2018

The Lorraine Show criticised for very awkward interview with Alicia Vikander

'LEAVE her be'

Olivia Hayes

Ouch, this is mighty awkward.

Lorraine has been criticised online after Kate Garraway insisted on questioning Alicia Vikander about her marriage to Michael Fassbender.

The actress was there to promote her new movie Tomb Raider, when the interview turned swiftly to her love life.

Alicia automatically got a bit awkward about the whole thing, just smiling and nodding along when the conversation about her husband got brought up.

Alicia, who is known for being private, eventually said, “Well, I’ve had the most happy year,” but that didn’t stop Kate from questioning further.

Kate, who was stepping in for a sick Lorraine, went on to say, “It suits you being married,” to which Alicia replied, “I carry a smile on my face most of the time.”

It didn’t stop there however, as Kate commented that Michael is just as private as Alicia, to which the star said, “It’s a lovely thing to choose to be private, even though you’ve got this career.”

Nice shut down, Alicia.

Many viewers noticed the awkwardness on Twitter, with them taking to the social media site to voice how cringe-worthy the interview was: