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14th Nov 2017

Luas trams are about to change… and hopefully it’ll solve one big issue

This would be fantastic

Olivia Hayes

This would be great.

While the Luas is fast and handy, it has also caused a lot of chaos throughout the past few years.

With ongoing cross city works and dozens of upsets, the time has finally come for the chaos to be over, and the new Luas to spring into action.

However, the trams could see a change on the new line; if the bill passes in the Cabinet this morning, that is.

A proposal has been made to make the Luas trams larger in order to help ease the larger passenger numbers.

If plans go ahead, some trams will go from 43 metres to 55 metres, and hopefully we all won’t be packed in like sardines at rush hour anymore.

The outcome will be announced after the Government’s cabinet meeting later today.