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30th Jan 2018

Maura Derrane responds to criticism over her appearance on The Today Show

"I'm a size 10. It's very hurtful..."

Denise Curtin

The Today Show host, Maura Derrane has spoken out in regards to hurtful comments she received on Facebook.

The comments were left under a photograph of the star before she went on set, and were in relation to an outfit she was wearing.

The comments were only drawn to Maura’s attention yesterday when a viewer of The Today Show got in touch with the Ryan Tubridy’s Radio Show and expressed their disgust by people’s distasteful comments.

Today on The Today Show, Maura will be addressing the comments left and RTÉ has spoken out saying: “We reserve the right to delete defamatory, abusive, profane and spam posts and to block repeat offenders.”

According to the, Maura spoke about the comments saying:

“I have to say if it gets really nasty – I think it can be very hurtful. Sometimes I actually wonder why people go to such intensity to come up with such dramatic things to say about a dress or an outfit you might wear and quite bitchy things too sometimes.”

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Most of the comments made on the post were in relation to Maura’s weight.

“I remember wearing a dress last year and everyone was like ‘that’s a dreadful dress – she looks very fat in it’, I’m a size 10. It’s very hurtful. I would say to people don’t become a keyboard warrior because you genuinely upset people” She added.

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Maura will be discussing the comments on The Today Show at 3:30pm today.