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31st Mar 2019

Maya will groom a second teenager in Emmerdale to make Jacob ‘jealous’

Jade Hayden

Her vile nature knows no bounds.

Here listen, we know alright.

During the week, we gave the delightful information that Maya and Jacob were finally going to get caught together by David.

It seemed like hope was on the horizon, that the creepy teacher would finally get her comeuppance, that this painful storyline would finally come to an end.

But unfortunately for us, David catching his girlfriend and son alone clearly doesn’t mean much to anybody at all because the Emmerdale grooming plot is going to take an even more sinister turn.

And yes, we were surprised it could get much worse too.

The Mirror reports that Maya is going to go one step further and begin grooming another teenager in the Dale – to make Jacob jealous.

She really is that twisted a person, yeah.

The teacher will apparently be feigning interest in Noah Dingle, another one of the students in her school, leaving the two lads to fight for her affections.

However, Jacob being Jacob, then decides this would be a good time to let the cat out of the bag and tell Noah what’s been going on.

Soon after this, it’ll be Tracy Metcalfe who catches the pair having sex during their lunch hour which means that finally (!) we’ll be getting somewhere with this whole debacle coming to an end.

It is, unfortunately, only going to get worse before it gets better though.

Queue Twitter rage.