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25th Jun 2023

Molly Mae reveals the adorable baby names she nearly picked

Molly Mae Hague has revealed the name she almost gave her daughter Bambi and it’s pretty adorable.

New mum Molly Mae opened up about her little girl’s unique moniker in a recent YouTube vlog.

The Love Island star explained that she nearly called her baby girl Winter, but realised the name didn’t have a special meaning.

She responded to a question about Bambi’s full name when she revealed the other name.

“Bambi doesn’t have a middle name. Her name’s literally just Bambi Fury which is so weird because I was so certain she would have a middle name,” she shared.

“I was adamant, but we just couldn’t decide on one. And we kept coming up with random middle names, like for a while she was going to be Bambi Winter,” Molly Mae continued.


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She shared, “And now I’m like ‘What the hell?’ Where did we pluck that, out from the sky? It wasn’t anything sentimental to us it doesn’t make any sense.”

The reality star also considered naming her daughter after her grandmother but decided against it.

“We toyed with the idea of Esme because my Nanna is called Esme, which I actually love, but in the end, we were doing her birth certificate and we didn’t put one down.”

Molly said she adores her baby’s name despite the waves of backlash she was hit with when she originally revealed it.

“Not many people liked it, which doesn’t matter at all because Tommy and I absolutely love it.”