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23rd Jun 2023

Mum shares daughter’s extravagant 12th birthday wish list

All parents want nothing more than their children to be happy, especially when their birthdays roll around.

Wanting to be able to give your children everything they could ever ask for on their birthday is our main goal, but for one mum, the task was a made a lot more difficult.

Sydney PR agent Roxy Jacenko has taken to Instagram to share the list her 11-year-old daughter handed her of her birthday wishes – amounting to AU $10,000 (€6,150).

The list contained extremely expensive items, with everything from designer runners to hoodies and other clothing items.

She wrote: “Pixie Curtis was quiet – it’s clear why,” alongside the three pages of shoes and clothes that her daughter is hoping to be gifted by her mum for her 12th birthday.

Pixie asked for Yeezy foam runners coming in at €130, Off-White x Dunk Low runners at €250, and Air Jordan 4 Retro Black Cat for €190 as well as 13 other pairs of shoes.

She then went on to ask for a Yves Saint Laurent sweatshirt, an Alexander McQueen hoodie, and a t-shirt, with the cheapest item on the list coming in at over €100.

This isn’t the first time the youngster has asked for overly expensive items as she had asked for even more last Christmas.

This list included designer handbags, Yeezy runners, Skims tank tops, and bikini sets.

Speaking to about the backlash she faced over the list, her mum said: “Clothes and swimwear. Hardly unreasonable for a tween. Ask any parent of a young lady of this age, you’ll find the list is somewhat the same.