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06th Jan 2017

This Mum Sent A €380 Bill To Her Friend… For Damage To Her TODDLER’S Designer Shoes

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Most parents are thrilled if their toddler manages to go five minutes without destroying something delicate or expensive. For this reason, most kids’ play wardrobes tend to be on the functional side of fashionable.

Unless you’re UK fashion designer Sarah Bryan, that is.

For reasons we can’t quite grasp, Sarah, from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, was shocked and horrified when her three-year-old daughter Isabella returned from a play date with marker and scuffs on her shoes, the red pair that Isabella is wearing in this older Instagram snap taken by her mother…

Now she has emailed Nicola Gibbs (33), asking her to replace the ‘damaged’ shoes by February 1… at an eye watering £325.

mum goals complete ?

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According to The Sun, the mum-of-two, who once hit the headlines when she crafted a dress made entirely out of pubic hair, wrote:

“If your child comes back with scratches on their body, you’d be like ‘what’s happened?’

“It’s the same with her shoes. She’s not supposed to go outside with them.

“Wherever she goes, she goes with a bag of other shoes.

“Obviously shoes get scuffed on the soles, but these look like they’ve been worn for a year, not for a few hours.

“There’s also a big black mark on the toe where they’ve been drawn on. I was devastated when I saw them.”

Sarah, who claims her daughter needs expensive shoes to further her child modelling career, also threatened to ‘take this higher’ if her demand for the cash was not met within the time frame given.

Happily, Nicola is unfazed by Sarah’s demands, describing the debacle as “a pile of nonsense.”

Sarah also believes she has turned the publicity surrounding her email to her advantage, posting the following message on her social media channels:

Has another parent ever made a demand you felt was ridiculous? Let us know what it was in the comments or tweet @HerFamilydotie. 

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