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06th Dec 2021

Warning issued to children who have asked Santa for a pet this Christmas

Kat O'Connor

The DSPCA is urging families to think before they bring a pet into their home.

We’ve all dreamed of waking up on Christmas morning and finding an adorable puppy or kitten under the tree.

However, as we’ve grown up we’ve realised the responsibility of owning a pet.

Far too many animals are bought as Christmas gifts only to be abandoned weeks later.

The DSPCA has shared a special message with children ahead of the Christmas season.

They have asked the children of Ireland to be considerate when writing their letters to Santa.

Gillian Bird of the DSPCA told Newstalk, “The simple advice is animals get travel sick, so they don’t travel very well on the sledge, so they don’t get delivered by Santa.”

She suggested doing research about owning a pet before making the big decision.

She also said fostering might be a better idea.

“The best thing to do is, if you have somebody who genuinely wants an animal, it’s all about research. It’s about the things they need.

“If you do plan to get a pet for your family then maybe for Christmas what you need to get is a book on how to look after the animal.

She added, “You need to get some of the equipment you need.” Maybe ask for things like a dog bed, collars or a voucher for the vet’s and for the vaccinations you’re going to need.

“And then go to a rescue centre after Christmas and adopt one.

Ideally, families should foster an animal over Christmas. This will give you “a really good idea if it is the right animal for you.”

If you are planning on welcoming a pet into your family this year then remember to adopt don’t shop.