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23rd Feb 2024

Thousands of parents to benefit from €140 social welfare change

Kat O'Connor

This social welfare change is being introduced to help parents amid the cost-of-living crisis

Thousands of families in Ireland are set to benefit from a social welfare change in the coming months. The Government has confirmed that plans to extend child benefit will be introduced in May.

The plans were pushed forward after earlier reports claimed the change would be made in September.

Parents were understandably thrilled by the news as many continue to struggle amid the cost-of-living crisis.

The Government has approved the extension of the social welfare payment to parents with children under the age of 19 who are in full-time education or have a disability.

Minister Heather Humphreys believes the change will benefit approximately 60,000 families across Ireland.

Speaking about the payment, Minister Humphreys said: “Child Benefit is a vital support for so many working families. And I know, from my days working in a Credit Union, just how much families depend on Child Benefit.

“I’m delighted today to have secured agreement from my Cabinet colleagues to extend Child Benefit to 18-year-olds from May 1st.

She continued: “This will benefit thousands of families right across the country, who up until now saw their Child Benefit cease as soon as their child turned 18.”

One of the main reasons for the extension is the increase in pupils graduating from secondary school when they’re 19.

“Many children nowadays don’t finish secondary school until after they turn 18. That’s why this measure is so important in terms of supporting tens of thousands of additional families with the cost of living and putting more money back in their pockets,” the Minister added.

Child benefit payments are not means-tested in Ireland. Parents or guardians will be granted €140 per child per month until their 19th birthday – once they’re still in full-time education, or if they have a disability.