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26th Aug 2017

Say Yes to the Dress Ireland’s Franc shares top tips to find dream dress

Franc shared his top tips to find a dream wedding dress

Keeley Ryan

Say Yes to the Dress will be making it’s Irish debut on RTÉ2 soon – and we’re definitely excited.

More than 2,800 brides have already applied for the chance to find their the gúna for the big day.

The series will be filmed in Vows Bridal Salon in Co Cork, which has been kitted out to help any bride to be’s along the way.

And now Franc, who is fronting the Irish version of the popular reality show, has shared with us his top tips for brides looking to find their dream gown.

He told Her Family:

“It’s better, I always find, if you have four or less people with you.

“Once you get to six or seven people’s opinions, you’re never going to settle on one item – they’re never going to agree on one thing.”

While the number of people you bring along may be key, Franc also suggests having at least one person who is ready to be brutally honest.

He added:

“I also tell them to bring someone who is brutally honest.

“You do want to find the dress that you look amazing in, so you’re better off bringing people who are going to be honest with you.

“Sometimes, people bring people who always just say you look amazing – but you look amazing in absolutely everything.

“So you have no idea yourself, ‘What do I really look amazing in?’ It’s very hard for the person in the gown to see themselves.

“A lot of time, what we would do, we get the family to photograph them in the gown – that way, they can see themselves better in the gown.”

But most of all, he recommends having the people you cherish most by your side when you’re getting ready to say yes to the dress.

He added:

“Bring family and friends who are honest, and who you want to be with you on the day.

“It is a special time. I think, when you find that dress, if you want to be with your mum, or your best friend who has been there all your life – bring the people that mean the most to you.”