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12th Jan 2018

HBO’s president has some really bad news for fans of Big Little Lies


Keeley Ryan

It was one of the most acclaimed shows of the year.

And since the second series of Big Little Lies was confirmed last month, fans have been hoping for some kind of hints as to what they can expect.

But HBO president Casey Bloys has some and news for fans of the ladies of Monterey: they won’t be back on screen for a very long time.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: 

“They start shooting in the spring. It’s not going to air in 2018.”

Fans were delighted late last year when it was revealed that the mini-series would be returning for a second season.

But according to Bloys, it was a “miracle” that they were able to get the cast together a second time – and it’s “hard to imagine” it happening again


He added:

“Everybody involved is so busy that it’s hard to imagine aligning everybody’s schedule again.

“The fact that we were able to get season two together is a small miracle. Could we do it again? Who knows?!

“It’s a great group. They love working together and they’re really fun to work with. But everybody is really busy. So let’s see.”

He also teased what fans can expect in season two, emphasising the difference in the characters since the first season aired.

He said:

“In general, I don’t think anybody involved is thinking we’re going to do the same thing.

“In any second season of a show, people want to see growth in the characters and storylines.

“I don’t think anyone involved is trying to do the same thing. We’re trying to progress everybody’s lives in the storytelling.”