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11th Oct 2023

TikTok trend sees parents switching kids’ Halloween sweets with toys

Anna Martin

Would you switch your child’s Halloween sweets for a toy?

Well, that’s exactly what some parents have been doing and uploading videos to TikTok, causing a divide in the comments.

Some parents have started a new tradition with their little ones called the Switch Witch where they may allow their kids to have a few treats and then leave the rest outside for the Witch to ‘take’ in exchange for a toy.

While there’s a witch Elf on a Shelf type toy available to keep in the house most parents are opting to treat the character as more of a Santa Claus-type figure, a mythical creature you don’t get to see work their magic.

This new magic character has split parents’ opinions as some believe that it’s a great idea while others aren’t convinced about its effectiveness.

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Under many of the videos on TikTok, people have been questioning if there would be any point in going trick-or-treating in the first place while others believe it to be a good way to stop their little ones from overindulging.

In the comment section of one video, a mother shared how this would be a great idea in her household as her son suffers from many food allergies and this would prevent him from feeling left out.

While another parent pointed out that for some parents it’s just too close to Christmas, an already financially stressful time of year for many, to be buying more toys.

“Cute idea but with Christmas being right after and my kid being spoiled as it is no thanks I’ll eat what they don’t want,” penned one.