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02nd Jan 2023

Long-lost dog siblings accidentally reunite on Kerry beach on Christmas Day

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Alright, who’s cutting onions around here?

Nothing like a super sweet story to pull on the heart strings this festive season. The last few days of endless scrolling on Twitter have produced many a meme or funny hashtag, but this story is about as wholesome as it gets.

Twitter user Noel Mc (@NoelMcuk) shared something adorable on Twitter on Christmas Day. While walking on Kerry beach he noticed two similar-looking dogs, who came with two separate owners, start playing together on the sand.

Naturally both owners noticed the similarities between their dogs, and commented on it, which led them to a discussion on where they got them. As it turns out, the pups are in fact siblings, born on the same day on the 1st June 2022.

The dogs each came from Cavan, and ended up in Dublin, but it took a trip to Fenit in County Kerry for the pair to meet. According to Noel’s tweet, the owners had the, “same parent pics on [their] phones” and everything.

Talk about a Christmas miracle.

Header image via Twitter/NoelMcuk