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27th Nov 2022

Mum seeks advice after her son catches her with his gifts from Santa

Kat O'Connor

The mum said she feels “awful” after the incident.

One mum experienced quite the Christmas blunder when her son spotted her with his Santa gifts.

She is now feeling worse than ever and is worried he no longer believes in Santa.

“My 8 year old caught me putting out Santa presents on our puppy CCTV cam,” she revealed.

The mum admitted they never thought to cover it up ahead of Christmas Eve.

“I didn’t even think he’d be able to check back on the footage,” she confessed.

Her 8-year-old son asked her why she was putting his presents under the tree, but she’s not sure her excuse convinced him.

“I said that Santa is really good at disguises and he doesn’t like getting caught so he made himself look like me.”

The mum’s excuse seems pretty clever to us, but she said she is worried about her son.

“He thought for a minute and seemed to buy into it. He said he didn’t see my actual face and saw a beard at one stage.”

“I feel awful though,” she admitted.

Any parent would understandably feel awful after an incident like this. Nobody wants to spoil the magic of Christmas, but as all parents know, these things do happen.

“He hasn’t spoken about it since but I can see the doubt in my 10-year-olds eye,” she said.

What would you do if you were in this mum’s situation?

Do you think she’s done enough or is there something else she could do to help her son believe again?