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21st Jul 2023

TikTok star Christine Tran Ferguson heartbroken following death of 15-month-old son

Kat O'Connor

*Warning* Article mentions baby loss.

Her 15-month-old son Asher has sadly passed away.

TikTok star and blogger Christine Tran Ferguson has announced the death of her 15-month-old son. The mum confirmed the devastating news on Instagram this week.

Earlier this month, the mum revealed her son was fighting for his life in ICU, but she did not discuss his health issues further.

Last night, the heartbroken mum revealed her son had passed away.

Alongside multiple photos and videos of her baby boy, Christine said:

“Mama and dada love you so much, you brought us so much joy, and made our family complete. I have never known how much love and happiness I could have had until you came into our life.

The mum described her little boy as “the smartest and happiest” boy she has ever known.

“You were going to do amazing things and change the world I just know it. I miss your little laughs, the way you stick out your tongue when you giggled, the way you picked up your food with your tiny chubby fingers, your little dance moves, how you clapped your hands, your little feet kicking a ball, the way you grab the hockey or golf sticks for dada, you just always knew how to make everyone smile.”

The mum said her heart is “utterly broken” following the unimaginable loss.

“Losing you is the hardest experience mommy and daddy have ever had to endure. Every day has been torture without you, this pain is unbearable.”

The blogger said a part of her has died with her son.

“There’s no pain that can ever compare to losing a child & I can’t believe it happened to us. I’m so sorry you had to go through this!” she continued.

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