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19th Jul 2023

‘Be prepared’: Bluey fans warn viewers about episode that left parents in tears

Bluey fans have been left in tears after one pretty emotional episode of the children’s show aired.

After initially airing only in Australia, more episodes have now aired internationally and both children and parents have been tuning in.

As families raced to the TV to get the latest lowdown on the show, they were not expecting such a rollercoaster of emotions.

Parents are now warning others about just how emotional the episode is and are urging people to be prepared when they sit down to watch it.

The episode saw Bluey’s Aunt Brady dealing with infertility in an episode titled Onesies.


Taking to Twitter, one parent said: “Y’all are not prepared for the onesies episode of Bluey. I just finished it and I can’t stop crying.”

“Not me crying at #Bluey #Onesies I know that feeling well,” someone else shared.

Another added: “There’s a new Bluey on Disney+ today and I’m literally crying at Onesies.”

Bluey has to be one of the most popular shows around at the moment, even parents have admitted they enjoy watching it on the sly.

Parents believe it is one of the best shows for children because of the messages and strong themes in every episode.

The show helps teach children how to deal with bullies, family arguments, how to cope with loss and the importance of strong family relationships.