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25th Aug 2022

Mum speaks out after leaving her 2-year-old daughter alone in car

Kat O'Connor

She left her toddler daughter in her car.

A mother has spoken out after leaving her daughter in her car on a hot day. She admitted she never thought she would do this, but what happened was a total accident. The mum explained that she was rushing in and out of a family friend’s house when she forgot about her daughter in the backseat. She admitted that she thought someone else had taken her out of the car, but soon realised she left her behind.

Her daughter was left in the car for 20 minutes, but thankfully she was not harmed, despite it being a hot day.

Speaking to Today, the mum Eberle said her 2-year-old wasn’t injured, but she was upset.

Her sister walked into the house carrying the toddler in her arms. She had noticed her alone in the car and brought her back inside.

The heartbroken mother said the temperature was in the 60s on that day in July, but luckily her daughter wasn’t hot when they took her out of the car.

She admitted: “I didn’t think I was capable of forgetting her like that.”

The mum said she often read about other parents leaving their children behind in cars. She said it is more common than we realise and can happen so easily.

“Those (fatal) stories, there’s always a slight change in plan. That day wasn’t the way I normally think or act.”

She said a slight change in your routine can really affect you. She said she was hesitant about admitting what she did, but felt many parents would benefit from reading her story.

Eberle said she hopes it raises awareness about just how easily things like this can happen.