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12th Sep 2017

More of us think it’s OK to let under-15s drink at home, says survey

Drinkaware is urging parents to talk to their teens about alcohol.

Anna O'Rourke

“Now is the time to have that all-important conversation about alcohol.”

The number of parents who think it’s OK to let teenagers under the age of 15 drink in the home is on the up, according to a new survey.

Drinkaware has revealed that 14 per cent of parents believe it’s acceptable for under-15s to drink alcohol at home, up from nine per cent in 2015.

Meanwhile, over half of parents surveyed think it’s OK for under-18s to take a drink at home.

The research, carried out by Behaviour and Attitudes, included 503 parents of kids aged between 11 and 15.

It showed that only 3 out of 5 parents are confident about talking to their kids about alcohol.

The statistics come as thousands of students prepare to receive their Junior Cert results tomorrow.

Drinkaware’s Chief Medical Officer Liam Twomey said that while exam results are worthy of celebration, parental attitudes to drinking were “worrying”.

“This is simply too young to be drinking alcohol and the harms associated with drinking from such a young age cannot be underestimated.”

Mums and dads should have a chat with their teenagers ahead of tomorrow, added Drinkaware CEO Niamh Gallagher.

“Family members, in particular parents, are the single strongest influence on young people’s attitudes towards alcohol.

“Parents should be empowered by this and get involved in their child’s plans for results night celebrations. Now is the time to have that all-important conversation about alcohol.”