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05th Apr 2019

Woman upset after her boss tells her she’s ‘barely pregnant’

Olivia Hayes

We’d be upset by this too.

A mum has vented online after a conversation with her manager, where they said she was “barely pregnant.”

The mum-to-be took to Mumsnet to explain the situation, saying that her boss told her that she was working slower than usual, however the quality of her work has remained the same.

She wrote:

“Had a 1 to 1 in work, all fine really but they said though the quality of my work is the same I am working a bit slower than usual. I explained I’m struggling to concentrate as hard as usual, I’m 24 weeks pregnant and that’s probably something to do with it. My manager literally scoffed and said “I don’t think we can go blaming that, you’re barely pregnant!”

“AIBU to be annoyed? I’m 6 months pregnant, twice the size I normally am, I’ve got awful sciatica and my legs cramp sitting at my desk for too long so need to stretch my legs more often. I’m also constantly weeing. These things do take time out of the working day. I definitely don’t feel barely pregnant.”

Many mums were shocked by her manager’s comments, and said it was a ridiculous thing to say.

One wrote:

“Your manager is a dick.

“I wasn’t working through my pregnancy and I was tired and forgetful a lot. I have total respect for anyone who can work through that! Good luck on your pregnancy.

“Think about making a complaint to HR if you have one.”

While another said:

“Omg that’s awful how are you barely pregnant at 6 months! Your body is undergoing huge changes and growing another human. Is your manager male or female? Whatever, they have a huge nerve belittling your pregnancy whatever stage you are at. Good luck with remainder of your pregnancy and enjoy your time off work.”