Ever heard of 'fathering down'? It could help get your baby to sleep 4 years ago

Ever heard of 'fathering down'? It could help get your baby to sleep

We're always in the market for a tried and tested sleep tip here at HerFamily HQ. 

Whether it's progressive watching, the tissue trick or a daddy doing his best Darth Vader impression, what works for you is what works, period.

The latest method we're adding to the 'give it a bash' list is something called 'fathering down'.

The phrase was coined by TV paediatrician (and father of eight) Dr Sears, who recommends it as another way to calm your baby before bedtime. Dr Sears has this advice for daddies:

"Place baby in the neck nestle position (nestle baby’s head against the front of your neck with your chin against the top of baby’s head. The vibration of the deeper male voice lulls baby to sleep) and rock your baby to sleep. If baby doesn’t drift off to sleep while rocking, lie down with your baby, still in the neck nestle position, and let baby temporarily fall asleep draped over your chest. Once baby is asleep, ease the sleeping baby into his bed and sneak away."

It's also a sweet way for daddy to bond with baby at the end of a long day.


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