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07th Sep 2023

Expert warns against viral TikTok pool playpen hack as it’s a ‘death trap’

Sophie Collins


“Please stop looking for hacks when it comes to pool and water safety”

An expert has rushed to warn mums and dads over a bizarre “parenting hack” that has been doing the rounds online.

A parent put up what they thought was a clever summer trick for keeping the kids entertained and it immediately set off alarm bells with childcare professionals and other parents.

A mum posted a video of what she described as a summer hack showing her kid’s playpen placed in the shallow end of their pool in about 10 inches of water.

A pediatrician, who shares content on her TikTok page @niky.mamamd, made a video stitching together the supposed parenting hack to warn of the dangers.

The most worrying thing is that the post has been viewed 2.7 million times so far and has been liked more than 150,000.

Niky quickly debunked the claims, calling the hack “a literal tutorial of how to set up a death trap in your pool,” and said that her very strong warning was not an exaggeration or her being over-protective.

“The amount of water in that playpen is enough for a toddler to drown easily,” she stated.

@niky.mamamd The only pool/water hack there is is being with your child at ALL times when they are in or near water. #pediatrician #poolsafety #poolsafetytips #summersafety #kidsafety ♬ original sound – Niky.mamaMD

The pediatrician went on to say that a child can drown in a matter of seconds, and if adults in are present in the deep end of the pool, there wouldn’t be enough time for a rescue.

She then simply warned: “Do not take your eyes off of your children when they are in any amount of water,” before adding: “So please stop looking for hacks when it comes to pool and water safety.”