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Family dynamics

02nd Feb 2024

Grandparents prefer the eldest grandchild, according to study

Kat O'Connor

Grandparents reportedly have a favourite

A study has discovered that grandparents prefer their eldest grandchild.

They may not admit it, but researchers have discovered that grannies and grandads have a soft spot for their first grandchild.

And as the eldest grandchild on my dad’s side, I say, who can blame them?

Parenting forum Mumsnet revealed that 42% of grandparents prefer their eldest grandchild.

And the reason why is actually quite sweet.

The study found that grandparents tend to favour their eldest grandchild because they remind them or their son/daughter when they were younger.

Parents also admitted that they have a favourite child.

According to Mumsnet, a quarter of parents said their youngest is their favourite, but 55% admitted they felt guilty about having a favourite child.

56% said they prefer their youngest child because they remind them of their younger self.

Our parents may not admit it to our faces, but we all have a fair idea of who the ‘golden child’ of the family is.

And now we’ve got research to back us up too.