Mum shocked after getting complaint note about baby's crying 3 months ago

Mum shocked after getting complaint note about baby's crying

A woman was left "shocked" after she received a complaint note about her baby's crying.

The mum had been caring for her sick 15-month-old son at home when she received an anonymous note through her front door giving out about the noise, Kidspot reported.

After being left deeply unhappy with what she had read, the woman took to a Facebook group for advice from her peers.

In the post, she explained the reason her son had been crying and wondered how other mums would respond.

She wrote: "For the past three weeks my little guy has had on and off fevers/daycare illnesses and as a result has been kept home.

"This week has been especially rough as he's had a fever again and at night he's been waking every two hours because of his blocked nose/cough."

Credit: Sydney Mums Facebook Group

She went on to say that her son screams "bloody murder" if she tries to "put him down" so she can do basic tasks. She then said the person reacted in a "petty way" and attached a picture of the note.


It read: “Please six long months we have been having very disturbing baby crying start early mornings.

“Please find a solution we need our sleep as much as you do.

“I am sure for residents who are closer to you (sic) feel the same.”

Commenting on her post, one fellow mum said: "Put the note on the noticeboard and write a note saying, unfortunately, babies cry and you're doing your best."

Another responded: "I’d start playing baby crying loudly on a speaker. It's as if they actually think that you like making your baby cry for your enjoyment."


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